About Me

Joe Collinspi here, your favorite licensed private investigator. I have done a lot of good work in my time, receiving some awards for locating, finding, and bringing people together. Whether it’s personal, criminal, or business, I find them all.

With retirement, a man can only do so much vacationing until he becomes weary. I ached for sustenance in life. I thought of ways I could help people that was a bit more low key now that I no longer private investigate. I have found something I can now contribute. I put my knowledge and wisdom to help the public. Not in the way you think, and no I am not allowed to speak openly about any of my cases throughout my 30 years of service. I am talking about giving my honest review of local businesses on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

I have come across many helpful companies in life, both personal and for work, and I thought why don’t more people know about this business? Some companies here on Oahu are not given the credit they deserve. I have worked with large corporations, small ones, and even one person businesses. I’ve had them offer fantastic service, and I have had my share of disappointments. Sometimes we just need to be connected with the right companies that provide vital services with Aloha. I would always work with a company known for its excellent customer service over a supposed “top competitor” that doesn’t know how to treat its clients.

My only desire is to help someone in need and connect them to people they search for. Here is my expertise put to work in a different light. I hope you find my reviews to be insightful and help you connect to a local business that you may not have tried or heard of and helps you on your way in life. Every single one of these firms had made a difference in mine!

Check it out! Aloha!